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Think globally, eat locally


ü•ma•mi (oo-ma-me) noun, adjective 1. the fifth primary taste – after sweet, bitter, sour, salt –identified by Asian cooks c. 800 A.D. 2. good taste, deliciousness (Japanese) 3. flavor sensation that triggers a craving response 4. Not Yo' Mamma! or Oooo Mommy!; not a food additive 5. Found only in certain foods but not limited to specific cuisines or region. 6. food with 'tude.''

Every culture has its own idea of comfort food. At Umami Cafe in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, our mission is simple: To serve up a joyful blending of multi-cultural home cooking, with an abundance of umami in every dish. These are taste sensations without borders.

We make everything from scratch out of fresh ingredients, utilizing authentic techniques, deeply rooted in tradition. Whether you're in the mood for Asian-fusion, Mexican, Eastern European or new America, everyone will find something on the menu they crave. Can't decide? Try our appetizers and small plates—and Umami Cafe will take you on a flavor journey around the globe!

We're casual, kid-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, too. You'll soon see why it's a local favorite. It's the kind of classic, soulful food — cooked from the heart — that you yearn to come home to. 


Phone - Call for Reservations:



325 South Riverside Ave.

New York 10520


SUN-FRI 5pm – 9pm
SATURDAY 5pm – 9:30pm




(V) is traditional Vegetarian, meatless, may include eggs
(VGN) is Vegan. Please mention that you want it vegan.
(GF) is Gluten Free. Please mention, we modify dish accordingly.
(H) denotes Healthy, or lower caloric content.
(D) denotes that it's DELICIOUS. ;)

We only use Tamari in our recipes. However, some Asian sauce ingredients such as oyster sauce, already have some soy sauce or fish sauce included.


We are closed for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter and New Years Day. Otherwise we'll be here in all kinds of weather.

Ask your server about our specials.

Food Allergies? Please speak with the Owner, Chef, or Your Server.

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If you are disappointed with your choice, please speak up, we will exchange it without fuss. 
"If you're not happy: we're not happy."



* Substitute white or brown rice, mashed potato or green peas if you wish to avoid fried foods
• You have our permission to have fun with your food
• Do NOT eat your peas with a knife
• Please leave room for dessert


(V) symbol indicates this dish is, or can be made vegetarian
(G) symbol indicates dish is Gluten Free
(H) symbol indicates healthy, low fat choice
(VG) symbol indicates a dish that can be modified for vegans

 If you have food allergies, please notify our staff as soon as possible.


If you have food allergies or adhere to a special diet, such as low-fat, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, you will find a supportive menu and respectful staff dedicated to meeting your requirements, whenever possible. We use whole, ground and peanut butter in our recipes. We use olive oil, canola, sesame and soybean oil in various dishes. If any of these ingredients place you at risk, advise the staff. We use fish sauce and thai curry bases which may contain shrimp paste and other flavor essences. We do not use MSG flavor additives. Substitute rice, mashed potato or green peas if you wish to avoid fried food. 



We stand behind our food. If you are not completely satisfied, or feel you ordered the wrong dish, allow us to serve you a different dish or a modified portion of what you ordered. No questions, no excuses.

If you're not happy, we're not happy.